Where techs come to life!

Through discovery days and one-week workshops, Techies Lab provides children and teenagers with the opportunity to discover, experiment, learn and have fun with new technologies.

The animators are there to accompany each participant step by step in the realization of their projects. At the end of the days and of the workshops, they can leave with their creations! The workshops are varied and evolving so that participants will never get bored.

Let’s open the doors of creativity!


Build, program and animate their own robot. Depending on the workshops, participants can create a robotic arm, a small tree that screams when it is thirsty and a thousands of other things!


Learn how to code their web page or video game with programs tailored to the participants' ages and their level of programming knowledge.

3D Printing

Discover the world of 3D printing with simple and intuitive software. Children and teens design, model and print their character or item.

Our upcoming workshops:

May 9-13, 2017

A 3D Portrait

Build your 3D portrait and discover the basics of 3D modeling and printing.

May 2, 2017

My first web page!

Parent & Kids workshop. Build a web page! Discover the basics of HTML and CSS.

April 2, 2017

Singing Trees!

With robotics and a tad of progamming, teens of 13-17 y.o. create a tree which sings when thirsty!

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