Techies Lab is an initiative that was launched in 2015 in Brussels in order to give children and teenagers the opportunity to discover, experiment, learn and have fun with new technologies.

During the discovery days and the workshops, kids aged 8 to 17 learn programming, robotics, 3D modeling and printing, video games and so on.

The goal is to pass on the joy of hacking, deconstruct to better rebuild and understand what’s going on behind the scenes.

An alternative to other extra-curricular activities, while offering complementarity to school. The goal is to open the doors of creativity!

Partnerships are organized with other entreprises located in Wallonia in order to give them the keys to digital wherever in Belgium.

Techies Lab workshops are fun (we laugh!), practical (we create ourselves!) and recyclable (we bring our projects home to pamper them and continue developing them). They are given in French and English by our passionate team and adapted according to the age of the child.

Anne Collet

Cub Scout for many years, Anne's passion is to convey her knowledge. Ambassador of Initiative Rails Girls, she likes to help newcomers overcome their apprehensions and see their eyes marvel when the magic of new technologies unfolds! In 2014, she set in motion (and since has been leading) Le Wagon Brussels, the code school for startups and entrepreneurs.

Margo Tinawi

When she was 6, Margo used to write textbooks for her brothers. Since then she has always had a great passion for teaching. When she is not busy creating workshops and managing the operations of the Techies Lab, Margo is developing Kidzeum, a playful and educational app for museums. In a previous life, she was a lawyer in Canada ... but that was before discovering Belgian fries!

Hugo Herter

As a professional developer with a passion for artificial intelligence and bioinformatics, Hugo is a true hacker who builds applications primarily using open-source technologies. Being a volunteerat the JSB (Jeunesses Scientifiques de Belgique), he enjoys sharing and teaching the use of new technologies, both for children and adults. His favorite tools are Python, Django, Linux, Processing and Arduino.

Alexandre Roba

Software engineer by training and profession, Alexandre constantly keeps in mind dozens of innovative ideas that he enjoys prototyping while working with his colleagues, at home with his three ingenious children! :) Regardful to education for new technologies for all, he now wants to pass on his passion to other curious young children as well as older ones!

Join us!

Are you a hacker, developer, artist, inventor, … and above all, are you curious and would you like to share your passion and your knowledge? Do you speak English and / or French and / or Dutch and / or other languages? Are you ready to join us in Brussels from time to time? Then write us a note, we invite you to come and talk with us about new workshops! :)

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